The Secret Behind Our Brand

The Secret Behind Our Brand

Posted by Quinity Williams on

Fun Fact: "One in 10 people will develop atopic dermatitis during their lifetime. It affects up to 25 percent of children and 2 to 3 percent of adults." While the market is saturated with products that say, "organic and itch relieving" Is it really doing the trick?

Our youngest daughter developed eczema and we could not find anything in store to hydrate, soothe and moisturize her skin.

Most products were full of chemicals, greasy and did not allow her skin to breathe. My husband began to research and came up with the best possible product that is not only helping our daughter but also my husband.

Using natural, organic butters and oils, we went through several trials until we discovered the perfect combination.

Today, we now can say after a few years, we have a 100% natural, organic products that will help to hydrate, soothe certain skin conditions and complement your natural glow!